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Dimensions:147mm x 20mm
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Laser 303 has a unique laser diode that emits a 650nm red beam that is bright enough to see the stars! An output of 200 mw, 5 star head cap , included in your laser, this means that you can use these hats have a variety of patterns, these wonderful group is very good for the party.


  • Safety: include laser goggles and safety locks to protect your safety
  • 650 nanometer laser diode: emits a bright red beam that can be used in astronomy
  • The laser pattern caps (including) can be used to create a wonderful laser effect
  • Wide application, suitable for outdoor and indoor activities, such as parties
Product Spec:
Brand KitLaser
Model KL-AR303
Body Material Aerometal
Wavelength 650nm
Power 200mW
Weight 95g
Dimensions 147mm x 20mm
Security Level IIIB
Beam Distance 2000m-3000m
Focus Adjustable Yes
Power Supply 1 x 18650 Li-ion Battery
Duty Cycle Continuous (100%)
Warranty 12 Months

Use Guide

  • Insert the 18650 battery into the laser
  • Unlock your laser: insert the security key into the stern lock and rotate the key to the dot
  • Press the middle button switch to emit a light beam
  • Rotate the focus to obtain the desired strong or long distance beam
  • Install the pattern cap on your laser pointer and rotate it to change the pattern
  • Lock your laser: rotate the security key

Packing List

  • 1 x 200mW Red Laser 303
  • 5 x Caps
  • 1 x Laser Goggles
  • 1 x 18650 Battery
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x Aluminum Box
  • 2 x Safety Keys

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  1. Varo.Philippe

    The company is good to deal with as they took care of an issue I had with the original product quite quickly and I appreciate that.The mini laser pen does not have a very long distance you can use it. Only about 4-5 feet to be very effective but it still entertains my kitten.

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