This high-powered laser pointer from Kitlaser is a must-have for anyone looking for a powerful and reliable tool. With its two power options, 2000mW and 4000mW, this laser pointer can easily ignite objects and burn through materials in seconds. Its sleek design and blue beam make it a stylish and functional tool.

The laser pointer features a single detonation mode (flash frequency 8HZ) and a continuous light mode, allowing you to switch between short, powerful bursts and a steady beam. Constructed from durable aluminum alloy, it offers exceptional resistance and wear resistance. The all-metal buttons provide a responsive and tactile experience.

In addition to its high power and durability, the laser pointer boasts a long diode life of over 6000 hours, ensuring years of reliable use. It comes equipped with two 18650 Lithium batteries, a charger, and an aluminum box for safe storage. Whether you’re looking for a tool for industrial applications, scientific research, or personal use, this from Kitlaser is the perfect choice.

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